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                                                                   BOYLE CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.



Boyle Construction Company is a broad base company specializing in custom homes, commercial and residential remodeling, historic restoration, custom cabinetry, furniture and architectural millwork. Founded in 1981, Boyle construction prides itself in being competitive in the custom market where craftsmanship is precedent to a successful project.

                                                                     COMPETITIVE BY DIVERSITY

Form building your dream home, restoring “that old house”, or simply remodeling your kitchen or bath, Boyle Construction holds a competitive edge by providing goods and services produced “in house” and not famed out to the middle man.

Since our inception we have invested heavily in building and maintaining a complete production and cabinet facility. Hence, our “in-house” capabilities are expanded to cabinetry, millwork, staircases, mantles, countertops including solid surfaces, conference tables, furniture reproduction and more. Not only do these capabilities provide us with more control in warding off delays and interruptions in scheduling, but they keep the cost of our project low as we can eliminate a large portion pf middle man in our work. Typically, the “finishes” are the most expensive aspect of any custom project. By keeping these cost down the savings are realized by our clients. Rest assured your rewards will be in the value returned for your dollar spent.

                                                                       ON HOUSE AT TIME

THAT’S RIGHT! We build tour house and only your house focusing all of our attention and efforts on your project. Isn’t that how it is supposed to be? We are NOT the beeper contractor operating from his truck and whose work is performed by sub-contractors who may not be around tomorrow. Over the years Boyle Construction has networked with proven professionals and sub-contractors whom we’ve built and maintained close working relationships with.

                                                                       DESINING SERVICES

In addition, let us help you design your next kitchen or bath project. We have the ability to produce 3-D renderings to assist in the design process from concept to completion from your custom projects.

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